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This Old Bullet- Can we fix it? Yes we can.

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Well....purchased new in 2011, 6 thousand trouble free miles put on the rig in the Jacksonville FL area until medical issues parked the G5 Bullet in 2017. Fast forward to last Monday and I purchased said project and dragged her home to Charleston SC. Come with me as we rehab thisBullet and get her back on the road.

I separated the sidecar (which is another restoration for another thread) so I could get the bike on my lift table. I removed the seat, side covers, and racks in anticipation of sourcing new bits. I re over the spark plug and gave a few squirts of penetrating oil to before turning g over the engine by hand.

I drained the oil (very dark and smelled a little gasoline-ish) and replaced with 30wt just to get running and then after 1 heat cycle change again with correct weight and new filters.

I put a gallon of ethanol free unleaded and a quart of Sea Foam fuel additive to try and loosen up and dissolve any varnish deposits on bottom of empty tank and hopefully rehydrate the fuel pump. tomorrow I will pour it out and try to get the fuel pump to move some go go juice.

I will replace the battery tomorrow as well......wish me luck. I will try and start without the spark plug to get some oil circulated and see if the injector is injecting.

here are a couple pics.
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Today was not so bad. After some individual prodding with the power probe I was finally able to get the starter to spin free and fast, the fuel pump to pump , and the coil to spark. I could not get them to function as part of the greater bullet wiring harness. Since all systems were down, I figured it was a central problem....the clutch switch looked suspect but was ok, all the relays clicked as far as I could tell.......yes.......the side stand cut out switch was sticky. I now have free flowing fuel, free spinning starter and good spark. I have not attempted to start yet but I will take video of first attempt . The spark-lightnng plug was a super premium R6 Bosch and that seems wrong.
very anti-climatic, new battery, fresh gas, hit the button, and she started right up and settled down to a steady idle. I did film it but why post such a boring 10 second clip. Now that I have achieved smooth running (for a single) , I can concentrate on cleaning and trying to save some of the chrome. the muffler, headlight bezel, and front fender are beyond help, but I believe I can save the rest.
Been cleaning and scrubbing, gas tank and rear fender came out good as new, front fender deeply rusted and scarred. New chrome fender direct from India $55 free shipping, takes 3 weeks but whatever. everything else sourced closer to home. between a couple used parts specialist and EMGO I've got new header and headlight bezel on the way and a new lighter, shorter very nice looking peashooter exhaust. Tires being mounted as we of progress will be posted.
Good work...wake up the sleeping beauty!!
After fitting chunky, cheap, Chinese , tires and a eBay headpipe and silencer, along with seat and rack.....she is coming together just fine. Ive been chug chugging around the neighborhood just to build up some heat and get old switches and systems back up. I serviced her with the correct oil and spark plug. She runs a touch smoother, although that could just be the old adage ..."the more you run them, the better they run" .Suppose I'll get a plate for it so I can ride farther than a couple blocks.
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Good works!
Have Fun!!
I thought maybe you noticed my VW Bulli, T3 Doka.
Yes...i sag the car in die background...Nice to see !! This Guzzi is my first bike...since 1982 still in my Garage.
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V50 Monza or V35 Imola? I had a Monza and a LeMans, several LeMans MKII (CX100) , MKIII 850, MKIV 1000SE, V11 LeMans. I was a Guzzi dealer in the 90s. I love the small block tonti frames.
V50 bella imposibele..
But now,we are old enough to understand each user.
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