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Hey own a 2020 Himalayan. Bought it just for off road and it's been great. A little under power but not a problem. Did MABDR, !000 miles on the TAT, Francis Marion a couple times. Done a lot of upgrades and fabbing up add on in our fab shop. Made extra for pannier racks and luggage rack support. Added a buss bar for all electronics and not off the battery. Cool place to mount tool tubes on inside of pannier racks totally out of the way. Added rear brake control. grip warmers, bars front tube and tire tools on front fender, cool mounting on front for spot lights.
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Hey @taylor welcome to the forum and congrats on your Himalayan! What sold you on it compared to other bikes?

Do you have any photos of the bike you can share? I'd love to see the upgrades you've made.
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