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Stickiest tire for a 22' GT continental?

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Hi everyone Ollie here, I just got my new GT about 3 months ago and I am absolutely in LOVE! The only complaint I have is the tires feel extremely hard and I've had the rear slip on me a few times already. My question is- what is the stickiest tire possible you could fit to the GT? I DO NOT care how many miles I get out of it I just want more confidence when in the twistys!!

thanks guys!
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HALLO! Ich habe mit den BT46 sehr gute Erfahrungen gemacht ! Ein ganz anderes fahren!
You didn't say which tire came on your bike. My GT came with Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp. Plenty of adhesion great at extreme lean angles. Downside is the rear was totally bald at 2600 miles. I would like to find something that will last a bit longer than that but still confident when leaned over.
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