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Should I hold off for 2023?

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I'll be shopping for an Interceptor soon, here in Tucson, AZ, USA. Will there be any substantial improvements to the 2023 model year I should wait for?

I'm a little concerned about EURO 6 emissions on newer bikes, and I want to do some engine modifications, too.
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Logic tells me the more forward we go, the BS we gotta deal with. Old school really is the way to go.
Sadly as my father-in-law put it. "It was better when it was worse"
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I myself purchased a lightly used 2019 Interceptor. 1700 miles, RE touring seat, Halcyon bar end mirrors, MKII chrome tank, Hitchcock risers, Hitchcock USB charger(that I've not used) aftermarket mufflers. Purchased from private seller $5000.00 USD. No sense in waiting on a 2023 if you can get what you want in a slightly older model. Just my opinion.
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Nice looking bike!
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