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Royal Enfield Unveils SG650 Concept

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Royal Enfield has revealed a new concept bike they're calling the SG650 and it looks incredible!

Fans of Royal Enfield’s Continental GT and Interceptor 650 owe it to themselves to take a long look at the SG650 Concept. This neoretro interpretation of the platform sure turned our heads.

For starters, the frame gets slammed with a bobbed rear fender with a solo seat cantilevered covering over it. The subframe rails look quite different from the one used on the Continental GT and Interceptor. The side panels covering the airbox are much more bulbous, too. The low-slung look is highlighted by beefy tires, front and rear, mounted to disc wheels that feature dual cutouts. To further accentuate the austere styling, the brake discs have color-matched carriers and a hole-free swept area.

Every curve, from the tank to the headlight nacelle that appears to be integrated into the triple clamps, has been sculpted to give the impression of speed. The top of the nacelle organically incorporates a LED tachometer/speedometer assembly on the left and the new Tripper navigation system (recently introduced on the 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan) on the right. A monochromatic paint scheme which fades from silver at the front to a black rear fender only utilizes occasional teal highlights.

Though we can’t comment on any performance modifications, the engine itself is part of the design with a blacked out cylinders above the cases which sport the same silver/black digital fade as the tank and front fender. The black dual peashooter exhausts continue the light and dark theme by utilizing bare aluminum muffler mounts.

The inverted fork appears to be totally modern while the dual shocks harken to Royal Enfield’s history. A similar approach comes from the lighting which looks to have a halogen headlight, while the rest of the illumination is LED.

Whatever else that can be gleaned from these photos is up to the reader, but consider the MO staffers sufficiently curious to hope that this styling exercise makes it to production with its character intact.

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