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Respecting local communities by not revealing the names and locations of little known roads.

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Before I start posting I want to get an opinion on this.

I never have a problem asking about a location when I read a ride report but if the OP remains coy about it, I take the hint...

There are roads we ride that everyone knows about and talks about and posts about, "The Crest", PCH, and The Blue Ridge Parkway are three that immediately come to mind. Riders who like to explore independently, however, will find the lesser known and lesser traveled road that is worthy of a "Ride Report" but begs exercising a measure of discretion out of respect for local riders and the local community as a whole. These roads are sometimes sparsely populated and/or judiciously used by locals as alternate routes to avoid poor road conditions elsewhere. Sometimes local riders consider it their local hidden gem but are not necessarily averse to the presence of an intrepid outsider who discovers it on their own and respects the identity of their "hidden gem".

I enjoy seeing pictures from people's rides even without knowing where the location is. I enjoy exploring on my own especially when stumbling upon a great ride. Being led or having a map drawn takes away a lot of the joy for me, most of it really because I look at riding as "exploring". I figure we all want to share that sort of thing without the "need to know" because we are all going to find our own "honey pots" as hunters call such things in their world. Perhaps I might view sharing the good fortune of discovering a hidden gem differently than most?

Ride reports about discovering out-of-the-way back roads without revealing details beyond pictures seems like a good way to share one's good fortune with others while respecting local communities and at the same time encouraging other riders to independently explore, find their own "hidden gems", and share their pictures and experience. Am I the only one who thinks the riding community as a whole has a responsibility to exercise such discretion when posting ride reports on public forums? Perhaps it's better to just not share these unique experiences at all; certain things are just meant to be our own and not shared with others.

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I understand your meaning, but this forum is very small and the world is a big place. I highly doubt posting a sweet road here will have any effect on local traffic.
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