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RE app for Thailand

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I bought and rode a 2022 Meteor 350 earlier this year in the USA. I'm back in Thailand and found the same bike and am very happy!
I used the Tripper Nav a little bit in the USA and tried to find the RE app for Thailand but am having difficulty the new one on Google Play for Androis (called APAC, I think) says it's not compatible with any of my devices (Motorola G6 is the phone with Android 9)
Not sure what the problem is; phone, operating system, Thailand, etc.
Any help out there? I use Google maps on the phone mostly but it would be nice to have.
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I watched pretty much all of the Scram 411 videos available on YouTube, and while my tripper seems to do pretty well here in Fort Worth/Dallas TX and surrounding areas, I can see why people in other countries around the globe call it sketchy and clumsy where they are riding their Meteors and Scrams.

While the tripper has that, "Made with Google" thing that pops up, I've been seeing a lot of incongruent info between running actual Google maps on my handlebar mounted phone (A71 5G on AT&T's network running Android 12). The RE app, while syncing very quickly with the tripper, still seems very clunky, and doesn't feel like there's a lot of real-time API back and forth with Google's actual Maps app.

I spent and retired from decades of working with large companies, GPS/Mapping/Network type of thing, and I don't get a strong feel of a good mesh between Google and whatever the RE devs are building into their app, even here in a busy, well-mapped out place that Google really does navigation flawlessly. I can't imagine that RE has spent a lot of time working with Google to make sure that everything needs to be backward compatible, even with a newer phone/OS. That's a big ask from a company that is probably spending most of their R&D time making sure they're building solid, affordable bikes and trying to market them around the world.

That's my two cents, from my perspective, at least; hopefully it helps a little. Would love to hear back from you if you end up solving the issue, or at least pinpointing it! :D

The upside is that you still get to putter around on a pretty great motorcycle in an amazing place that I'd love to someday visit and do the same...
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