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New old (ish) member returning

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I joined a few months ago, as I was strongly considering an Interceptor at the time.

I was planning on trading my Honda in, and I knew I was going to take it in the shorts.

Gave the local RE dealer a deposit and came down to make a deal. The trade in offer was an outright insult, just criminal, and I was so pissed I demanded my deposit back an got the hell out of there.

I live in Tucson, AZ, and I contacted 2 dealers in the Phoenix area. One insulted me with a low ball so low I laughed (out loud!) and the other never contacted me for another 2 weeks.

I really like the Kawasaki RS650 RS, so I rode over to the Kawi dealer. They gave me a fair price on my trade, sold me a 50th anniversary model for a decent price, and I left with a T-shirt and an oil filter.

Fast forward a few months. I love the Kawi, but the RE bug bit me so hard, it left a permanent mark.

I think, in October or November, I'm going to sell the Kawi (private sale this time) and buy what I really want.

I have literally researched every damned bike in the universe, and I keep coming back to the Interceptor.

But first, to sell the RS!

Anybody want a smoking deal on a 650 RS?

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