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new member waiting for my new Interceptor Mark 2

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My wife an I bite the bullet and bought an Interceptor Mark 2 (in addition to our V-Strom 650 and Africa Twin Adventure Sport)
Such a pretty motorcycle, now we are waiting for the dealership to do their check and whatever they do to get it ready for the street.
Mind you that she was the one who started the "I really want a motorcycle like that, they look so cool". And I am such a supportive husband that I went to the dealership, tried the bike, make my research , brought a brochure at home and organise it all ;)

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The interceptor is my dream bike...i owned many bikes(guzzis,ducati,yamaha...),but the enfield is my favorit!!
The Interceptor is a terrific motorcycle.
The Interceptor is such a refreshing step back to motorcycling.
Yes,really!it puts me(optical) in the beginning of the 80 years...
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