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New member - St. Louis MO area

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Just wanted to drop a note to introduce myself. I am 65 this summer and have owned various dual sport, dirt bikes, and standards over the years. I recently acquired a new to me 2019 sleet Himalayan and fortunately I live in an area that’s in close proximity to a great network of twisty B highways and numerous gravel and creek crossing type roads.

The previous owner of my new bike had added numerous accessories which was a plus and the bike had recently been fitted with trailmax mission tires so overall a nice package. That said I am currently in the evaluation period with the Himalayan and that will determine whether I sink more time and money into power and suspension upgrades.

I look forward to researching the forum in various aspects of the bike. I am a gear-head so wrenching on and modifying cars and bikes has always been a love of mine and hopefully I can contributed in a constructive way.


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