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I'm 62 this year, and on my 10th Honda. Love Hondas.

HOWEVER, I've been thinking about a change.

At 62, with all the associated operations, aches and pains, and cognitive decline, I've been rethinking my priorities.

I've had 1800 VTXs, several 1300s, and this year went way down to a 750 Shadow. Great bike, but its a heavy beast and about as nimble as a Freightliner. In my 62 year old opinion, at least.

Its hard to break out of old habits and think "outside the box".

I was considering downsizing to something lighter and more nimble. Horsepower and torque are no longer high priorities.

After exhausting research, I've decided to try a Suzuki SV650.

But then I saw an Intercepter 650.

Nah, its made in India. I'm a fan of Japanese quality.

Oh, but the price....And you say I can get a chrome gas tank?

I know these aren't built to the same quality as my beloved Hondas, but maybe its just what I need in my life right now.

My question to you guys, are the REs decent enough quality? Do they leak oil? Leave you stranded? Anyone else here traded from an asian bike?

This just might be exactly what I want, and maybe what I need. Keep your bells and whistles, just give me a fun and nimble bike (even if she's a little bit of a porker) that has the right feel.

In Tucson.
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