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Meteor Two Times/ Two Countries

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I bought my second Meteor 350 last week here in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It's the same Yellow Fireball model I bought in the Spring 2022 in the USA! Only this one is a 2021 with 1700 km on the clock. Very happy to be back in this very comfy saddle again.
I put 25, 000 kms on the first one traveling the summer across the USA. It was magnificent camping and riding all the wonderful twisties across the country. Especially sweet was the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Northern Thailand is a great place to ride and the Meteor 350 seems to be the perfect ride. Nimble and economical it is just the right size for me and these road conditions. More HP not required in the hills.
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Good to see you get around .. I can only ride in USA , no passport ... Not much desire either to roam the earth ... Texas is big enough for me .....
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