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Just bought a used 2020 Continental GT

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After riding my Suzuki TU250 for about 8 months, I wanted an upgrade. Saw a used 2020 continental GT 650 on craigslist for a good price and had to pull the trigger.
It has some cosmetic damage, the bike had definitely been dropped more than once. The engine is in great condition, but it has a few things about it that I can't quite fix on it.
First, the front brake has way too much play to it. I can pull the lever all the way back to the throttle. I tried bleeding the line to see if there air bubbles in it, but that hasn't improved it much.
The throttle also has way too much play to it. I tighten the cable both at the handlebar and down by the engine all the way, but there is still about an inch of play. I noticed that the push cable also broke, so I just ordered replacement cables for both push/pull, and I'm hoping that will fix the pull cable play issue once its replaced.

What else could be the issue with the front brake line? Should I keep bleeding it, or could something else be the issue? Could it be the master piston? I know the bike was dropped on the right side, and I'm not sure what damage that could have caused.

Appreciate any input.

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Would worn pads contribute to this?

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