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I've had a bunch of Hondas. I was thinking about one last bike as I near retirement, and I gazed upon a mint 2013 Honda CB1100. I had to have it. It was everything I wanted.......Except, after my back operation in 2020, balancing all that weight was, shall we say, problematic.

Live and learn.

The RE Intercepter is 100 lbs lighter. Though not a lightweight, by any means, the 100 lbs less weight is manageable. It checks all my boxes. Except the made in Japan VIN and the Honda name, but you can't have it all.

The local Tucson dealer gave me an out the door price of $7940.27. Seems a bit steep for a $5999.00 bike.

What do you guys think?

I haven't decided to trade the CB1100 beast or sell it yet. Probably get ass-raped if I trade it.

Thanks for the input,

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