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Hello from Brum UK

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Well just outside Birmingham actually. Been looking for a lighter bike than my Honda for a while now and not liking the look of a lot of the available smaller bikes that mostly seem to be trying to emulate the looks and aggressiveness of bigger bikes. Then I found the Classic 350 chrome and red and bought one with no hesitation after a test ride. Loving the bike so far with just under 400 miles on the clock. So easy to ride and a superb gear change!
First RE I have had after riding Velocettes, Nortons and Triumphs for most of my 60 years of motorcycling until I thought a few years ago that I should try one of these new fangled Honda machines before I was too old to get one off its stand. I'm looking forward to many hours of pottering around the rural lanes of Worcestershire on my pretty Classic.
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Welcome to the forum ... send some pics , of bike , and surrounding area ....Be safe ...
Enjoy the bike I have theclassic 350 Holycon grey and I love is taking the place of my 2012 Honda goldwing.I live in northern calif and there are plenty of backroads to the Pacific safe!
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