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Finally chugged through the full run-in on the new Scram! Had to take about a week off with the ice storms here in TX, and was just 30 miles short of the 1243mi/2000km period. :rolleyes:

SO happy to finally be able to ride the bike for real now, it's doing really well. Has gotten a lot smoother now that it's broken in properly. Had no problem taking it up past 80 on the highway yesterday.

That RE run-in period is BRUTAL, short-shifting and lugging while keeping the speeds down. Took a lot of back road riding, and while fun, keeping the revs within the designated range felt really unnatural.

I'm really glad I did it properly, though. That was one of the main reasons I opted to buy a new vs. used bike; I know that the bike has been given a gentle break-in, and should have every opportunity to last as long as possible.

I see so many video reviews out there where someone just hops on a single-digit mileage bike at a dealership and then proceeds to wring its neck for a half hour while regurgitating the spec sheet into their GoPro.

I'm working on putting together a video review as well, but from a long-term owner's experience. Very happy with my first RE so far! :D
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