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Hi all, I'm Karl, and just bought my first new motorcycle off of the showroom floor today, a 2023 Scram 411 in Blazing Black. I've had bunches of motorcycles all the way back to 1980, when I got my first YZ80. Prior to that, I was rolling with my Dad and brother, riding on the back of my brother's Suzuki Trail 90 while dad had a Suzuki 175. Dad unveiled my new YZ80 on Christmas Eve, 1980, by telling me to, "go to the garage and get another load of wood for the fire". I was miffed!

When I opened the door to the garage, there sat my new motorcycle, shiny yellow and black, kicked over all sexy-like on the kickstand, and I was gob-smacked!

Now, I'm 52 years old, have been feeling tired, anxious and depressed, according to my doctor, and just wondering what to do with myself after quasi-retiring from a crazy 25-year career in software development/systems administration/project management. It felt like I just couldn't continue working in the IT industry for so many years.

After college, I jumped into several contract/consultant positions during the dot-com slaughter in Seattle in 2000, ended up working at Microsoft for a few years on multiple projects (you know, things are going bad, we're not going to hit our ship date, bring in contractors to fix everything).

Got married, raised two kids, during which I went back and forth from IT to construction, chasing the money in whichever industry would support a family , started several of my own companies, helped out my brother and father in the trucking industry for a few years (circa 2010-2013), learning logistics and accounting, then caregiving for my Mom for a couple of years, then down to Texas on mostly a whim after Mom passed, back into IT in the volatile oil/gas industry, monkeyed around at Walmart for 6 months just to get out of the house and pay simple bills, then back into a contract IT position at an engineering construction firm, then back to retail during the pandemic, delivering automotive parts to get out of the house again, now dabbling in independent food delivery to get out of the house again...

All the while, it feels like the years have been just slipping away from me.
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