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Fuel Pump Issue in BS3 Classic 500 Desert Strom

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Hi Friends.
I own a Classic 500 Desert Strom 2013 Model.It has just clocked 14000Kms now,i.e every week I just ride around 50kms only.
I use my bike very often.But still,I'm doing all periodical services on time.
Now the problem with my bike is that,Some times the fuel pump will get struck.When i take it from home it works smooths.Mainly this issue shows after fuelling.Whem it get struck,ill just lightly punch above the fuel pump area on the tank and suddenly it starts working.
I've discussed this with one of my mechanic friend,and he told me that there might be some dust or something and we've removed the fuel pump from tank,completely cleaned and fixed it back.After that for a couple of weeks there were no problem.
But yesterday noon,the same problem happened again.

Can anyone tell me what will be the real issue and kindly give me a proper solution for this.
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I have a 2017 500cc Bullet Classic. Have had 2 fuel injector replaced and still had problem with injector. Ive been told that the plug and play EFI which i have put in the 2nd with out any help. Now I have change over to Amil ! carb kit and removed everything except the 2nd EFI and it ran for about 2k miles. It looses spark to no spark . Lots of fouled plugs. Even with the gap at 70 to 80 as . I feel your pain and I think you will find that this bike a a lemon for fuel injection and the brain box telling it to inject. It seems when it does it dumps too much fuel and and covers the plug until fail. Does any of this sound fimiliar. ???
Have you checked all electrical connections to fuel pump ? Could just be the pump needs replacement ....
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