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Ergonomics and the Himalayan

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I bought my 2019 Himalayan used late last year and have been able to get in tune with how the bike handles & it’s power delivery. Unfortunately the bike has really been uncomfortable for me even on short 30-60 mile rides. At 5’11” I wouldn’t consider myself tall but I do have a 32-33” inseam and the bike just feels cramped for me.

My bike was well appointed by the previous owner with all kinds of mods including bar risers so that aspect of the cockpit has been attended to. In addition the bike also came with the touring version of the standard height saddle but it really seems very similar to the stock seat which came with the bike.

I have been looking at tall seats but the seat concepts seat is way too wide for me. I like the added height but as a regular cyclist I ride narrow saddles and wide seats really don’t work well for me. I have looked at a taller version of saddle from one of the India based companies and it’s top profile looks narrower so maybe that’s an option. Anyone have experience with the Indian version of taller seat?

Overall I am concerned that even with the taller seat, the seat to pegs distance is just going to feel too cramped. I am Interested in whether this kind of change has made enough of a difference for riders needing more space for their legs?

I have owned many bikes over the years and many have been taller bikes like a KTM adventure 640 as an example. That bike was super tall but also very comfortable for me on and off road. Part of that comes from my dirt bike riding youth and being used to tall bikes that you sit on and not bikes like the Himalayan that seem to sit you into the bike which I am not a fan of.

I think the YSS rear shock is a little longer too and that might help but they are a bit pricy. My concern is that I could spend money on trying to fix something and still not have a bike that fits me well.
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