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Classic 350.

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Has anyone sorted out the ludicrous lack of Tacho and Gear position indication on the otherwise excellent C;assic 350?
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You may want to check out the RE Owners Forum ( Look at the Classics section and someone there has fitted an analogue tacho on the Classic in the location the Tripper GPS would be. The photo look quite smart.

As for the gear position indication, I've not seen anything. I'm quite happy to just have neutral indication and rely on engine noise/speed to decide when to change gear.
Very helpful many thanks! Don.
Am trying to locate details and picture of Tacho fitted to Classic 350 please,
many thanks! Don.

Donald Glover.
A bit cheeky Jack, I like these features, as provided on my last five or so bikes and my also current Himi! Bye. PS. Another contributor has already reported a Tacho having one fitted on a Classic 350 hence my trying to track down please note, should others communicate.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts