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Battery sign turns on and engine gives jerky response when revved after bike is heated

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This has been a long standing issue for me and the bike is 1 year old ridden 10,000 kms.

It started around 6months back when I'd lent my bike to a friend of mine. I received it burning hot and it was barely able to rev above 3500 rpm. Tappet like sound was increasing with acceleration and bike was significantly losing power. Weirdly battery sign light was also on and horn/side indicators wasn't working either.

Next morning I checked engine oil, fuses/relays, battery load test, all was fine. But when ridden for around 10km it started again. bike was losing all its power and heating beyond bearable post 3000 rpm.

After getting it checked at 3 different service centers for about 4 months now, multiple engine part swaps, the issue remains as is.

this is how my motorcycle reacts after riding continuously for ~10kms but in this video the battery sign is off. And apart from slight difference in air pressure from each exhaust, I doubt any of the cylinders are missing fire in my case.

Another point to note is when restarted, the engine works totally fine but since already heated, the exaggerated tappet-like noises and jerky response from the engine starts early.
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I would'nt loan a bike to anyone ..,.. Now you know why .. .. No telling what he did .., but it was'nt a normal easy ride ..
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