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Anyone here qualify for the brake caliper recall?

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If so where are you from? I reached out to Royal Enfield USA with my VIN and they never responded.
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I am from the US (Missouri) with a 2019 Himalayan. When I called the local RE dealer last week the service guy asked that I email him a picture of the front and rear calipers and send him my VIN. I did and he told me that was all he needed and he had contacted Royal Enfield requesting the new calipers. It was a pretty easy process.
Good to hear my, local dealer said they'd look into it and never called me back. I'll have to call again.
One additional note is that I did initially call the RE contact number for the recall campaign and although they were nice enough, they could not provide any direct help regarding my specific bike. They basically told me I needed to take my inquiry to my local dealer to get the proper support. Once I did that everything went very well.
I contacted Royal Enfield USA via email with my VIN and it took a while but they contacted me and told me I qualified. But they told me I'd be getting a letter in the mail because they use your registration address to dish out recalls. But still no letter. My front brake is really bad on my bike so I want to get it recalled ASAP. But it seems the dealer is not being very helpful. I'm thinking I'm going to have to go in there.
Finally was able to make an appointment for tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.
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