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Any Himi owners out there…?

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I’m in the market for a Himi and wondered if there were any owners on here who could share the good, the bad and the ugly about the bike…???
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Or if anyone has one knocking around they want to rehome…!!
Is there anyone on here??
Is there anyone on here??
There doesn't seem to be a lot of active users on here at any given time. I have a 2021 and love it. I have been riding cruisers for 20 years but wanted to do something different. I have never ridden off-road and just took my Himi on the eastern part of the TAT (NC and TN) last week. It was a blast and the perfect bike for someone new to that sort of riding. It is so confidence-inspiring. I wasn't in anything hairy but there were a couple of good inclines that I just told myself to trust the bike and it did perfectly fine.

Here are some of my good, bad and ugly assessments:
The good--
it is great for beginners because the power delivery is smooth and even. It will not jump out from under you.
It is sufficient for riding on the highways. I rode mine from OK to NC along the interstate and had no issue going 75-80 mph. I didn't weigh it but I probably had about 50-60 lbs. of stuff in my holster bags and tail bag. That is substantially less than a passenger, but it did not affect its ability to climb dirt or gravel roads.

The bad--
the power delivery is probably the biggest complaint for someone who's experienced at technical riding on trails. Most who are would rather be tearing it up and the Himi will not do that. In fact, it is incapable of it. It's a tractor.
most people complain about the brakes not being grippy enough. I do understand that but that fact actually helped me when I was riding on the dirt.

The ugly
the bike weighs over 400 lbs. I am 5'4" tall so I picked the Himi because I mostly ride alone and it has by far the lowest seat height of any dual sport type bike. Even so, I can only touch the ground with my tiptoes.
the center of gravity is high, which doesn't help with the weight (I have a Harley that weighs 200 lbs more but I can pick it up because of the low center of gravity) so I am very nervous in any situation where I am moving the Himi at low speed. When the ground is uneven, it's even worse. I've dropped it because of that and then it's nearly impossible for me to pick up because it's heavy and it falls flat, even with my engine guard. It falls so flat, that I cannot get low enough to put my back against the seat and raise it using my legs. This is mostly just an embarasment when I'm in town or on tarmac, but it's a much bigger concern if I'm alone on the trail. Fortunately, I did not have any issues during the days I rode it on the dirt and gravel.

Despite the bad and ugly, it has proven itself to me. I will get the lowering kit for it and that will help me tremendously. Noraly (my bike) and I have many more trails to do together!!

I look forward to reading about your good, bad, and ugly when you get yours!

P.S. The dealership in Tulsa has several brand new Himis and Scrams on the showroom floor.
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