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300 mile service and noisy valves

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New to the forum with a Classic 350 Halycyon Grey.
With the dealer being quite a distance, I decided to do the first valve adjustment myself. I’ve adjusted a lot of valves in my time so that I’m pretty sure that I have the valves correct.
when I checked the valves prior to adjustment, I found them both very tight. Like 4 or 5 1000ths tIght.
After adjusring them at 0.08 intake and 0.18 exhaust, the valves are noisy especially at idle.
Has anyone else found this to be the case after either doing them on your own or going to the dealer?
One dealer that I called said he thought that RE shipped them tight for break in. That doesn’t make a great deal of sense.
Any thoughts?
By the way, the bike is great fun for tooling around with.
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Are you using the proper measuring tool ? Std. VS metric ? Seems too loose .. I would think more like .oo4 in , .006 ex. Std.
I was apparently USA ignorant regarding feeler gauges. I’ll order a metric feeler gauge and re-do the valve adjustment.
Thanks greatly for the help.
Just convert it , most gauges have the equivelents printed on them ....
Right, it looks like .08 is a little greater than .003. .312 to be exact. .007 is pretty close to 00.18.
I can wait until Monday and do it over with the metric feeler gauge courtesy of Amazon
Ive been doing valves on British sports cars and air cooled Porsches forever.
You learn something new every day.
Forums are great and thanks again.
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Re-did the valves this afternoon. All is well and back to sounding normal. The only challenge is lining up the valve cover gasket to the valve cover.
this time,I was able to do the valves in under an hour. Familiarity really speeds things up.
A learning experience.
Coming from a life long experience with Ducati’s and a current Multistrada owner (that allows my wife and I to tour with) the Classic 350 is a really great relaxed riding experience.
Great to look at, nice handling, ride and ok acceleration for its purpose And simple maintenanc.
I would have to say it is the best motorcycle buy on the planet.
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Hi Matt welcome to the Forum,I also have the Halcyon Grey and did the valve adjustment with success the first time ,I love this Bike,I also have a 2012 Honda goldwing but the RE is so much fun and is happiest at about 50-55 MPH.enjoy your new ride.I live in Nothern Calif,lots of good roads here,Jack
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I just adjusted mine at the first 300 miles. These engines tend to be a little noisy regardless. To me that‘s ok. It’s like an old bike with fuel injection and ABS. I only had to adjust 2 valves. Sounds the same as it did before I serviced It. The challenge is the gasket. Removing the horns and the breather hose helps a lot. I still tacked it on the rocker box cover with a little black RTV. I missed my 1975 Ironhead until I got this bike. I love this thing. I have had more fun on this bike than I have had on one in a long time.
Are you using the proper measuring tool ? Std. VS metric ? Seems too loose .. I would think more like .oo4 in , .006 ex. Std.
Is this the actual valve clearances?
Look for manual .. Thats where i set them ...l
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