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2022 classic 350

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new to this bike have 385 miles and i love it so far,I joined thid forum to get questions answered that the dealer I bought it from did not seem to be knowlegable about their own product ,and at 170 dollars per hour I feel they I will attempt my own service of the valves.I have a 2012 honda goldwing which i like alot bet this new bike is a kick to ride.looking forward to anyone that has a classic 350 to chime in on do's and don'ts.
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In this country, one of the caveats for the warranty is the servicing is done by a recognised source. If you do it yourself, you may not retain whatever warranty you have in the USA. Just something to be careful of.

There are a number of videos on the internet for Classic 350/Meteor 1st service and valve checks. It seems straight forward enough once the tank is removed. That seems to be the only complicated part of the process.
I do agree as far as doing the services your self ,I have heard horror stories about some ,not all,of the dealers that overcharge for such a simple service,some dealers dont even adjust the valves ,they do need attention on the 1st service.and what about the 1st 3 services that are suppossed to be parts only,labor free, as stated in the owners manuel ,have not heard of anyone getting that option when the bike is serviced,also I heard if you take pics and or save the receipts if you do it yourself.I did mine and I am not a mechanic but have worked on basic stuff like oil changes and making sure all bolts and nuts are snugged up tight.adjusting the valves is a very simple procedure. I can walk anyone through the service if needed,my 350 runs great after the service I did on it.enjoy the bike it is a wonderful simple and fun machine.Jack
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all good points ! taking the tank off is so easy,there is only a few connections ,first,take Fuel supply hose off be swueezing the 2 outer tabs,next unplug fule injector plug Mine fell off in my hand,and pull off the 2 vent hoses. the left one is larger than the right onr by a bit,but easy to see,and pull the tank back towards the seat ,when reinstalling just be carfull of the paint and pinching the vent hoses,if gas is in it ,syphon out as much as possible it will not leak fuel .and yes watch as many videos as you can about the valves ,take alot of pics and take your time.and you will save about $600.00.the feeling you get by doing it yourself will relect in the ride after it is completed.
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